Notes from the Farm


Certification Change


March 2016

Our farm has been certified as organic for over 20 years. We believe that in order for people to be healthy, the soil, plants and animals from which they sustain their life must also be healthy. Working to nourish the soil, allowing animals to express their uniqueness and eat what they were created to eat, avoiding all use of chemical fertilizer, GMO's, anti-biotics, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides is the way that we farm. This is still what we believe in and our farming practices are not changing but as of this year we have decided to not continue certifying as organic for the following reasons:

1 - We believe the "organic certification" system has become dominated by large agribusiness looking for the niche organic market but whose interest do not lie in producing a healthy ecosystem for all.

2 - We find that with increasing government involvement in the certification process, which involves regulations required for exporting organic products, the bureaucracy and documentation required by a small diversified family farm is prohibitive.

3- We feel the organic certification system no longer fits well with the small diversified family farm that direct markets the majority of their products.

On the positive side we are now certified as "Certified Naturally Grown". We have found this grass roots movement fits with our ideals of producing the highest quality food, with an emphasis on transparency and trust and direct relationships with our consumers. Certified Naturally Grown requires compliance with the organic standards and utilizes peer reviewed inspections. Please find further information here and in particular check out their FAQ page. We would be interested to hear from you, our customers, what you think about this certification change and would be glad to talk further with any of you who have concerns about this decision.





  Our farm is in a continual process of change. Two years ago in the spring, we decided to sell some of our "mama cows" and reduce our herd size as we found the making feed and bedding in the summer as well as the chores in winter to be a taxing part of our operation. Over the past two years we have had the same number of beef cattle to sell as the young were raised up to market weight. However with our inventory counts this January, we realized that in order to maintain a steady year supply of beef we now needed to reduce to selling one beef a month rather than two. In that light, we have chosen to go to once a month deliveries. We hope this will continue to work for you. Selling boxes of meat, in particular the Meat Subscription Boxes, is our preferred method of selling our meat as it sells some of each of the main cuts of the animal. In this regard, if we cannot meet the demand for beef, the Meat Subscription Boxes, will become our priority to fill, followed by our other beef boxes and then by specific orders by the date received.  

Once again we thank you for your support,

David, Sandra, Marta, Jacob & Daniel


Pricing and Marketing Challenges



 If you have been a customer of ours for a period of time you will have noticed that we do not adjust our prices very frequently.  Generally we review our prices once a year in January and make the changes we feel are needed to help keep our farm viable.  Last year we did not adjust our Beef Prices at all but have found this year we have needed to make some increases.

     Setting prices and marketing continue to be one of our most challenging elements of farming.  We wish to keep our products affordable so that all may enjoy the high quality of products we strive to produce.  On the other hand we need to continue to work at making our farm sustainable (economically as well as environmentally) so that our children can be encouraged and hopeful that small scale farming is a viable career.

    Part of the challenge of marketing beef and pork is being able to sell all the cuts of meat in a timely fashion in each season of the year.  We have decided to add more Package Deals that give you the best price for the meat you buy but combines various cuts of meat together. We have also added a Surplus Sale.  Once a month we will post what we have extra in the freezer and will sell that at a discounted price. This will provide a bit of an economic benefit for those who are willing to purchase what we have extra of at that time of year and will hopefully allow us to sell all cuts of our product year round.

     Once again we want to thank each of you for "stepping out of the box" and choosing to buy local, organic and direct from the farmer.  We appreciate the time and effort it takes on your part to purchase in this manner.