How We Raise Our Poultry


Our Meat King chickens and White turkeys are raised in floorless hoop houses (to protect from predators). Each day they are moved onto fresh grass, keeping them clean and allowing them to forage and scratch to naturally supplement their diet. To provide non GMO, high quality feed, we are working at growing a large percentage of the grains our poultry require.  Our ration includes wheat, oats, barley, peas and organic corn and roasted soybeans.


 New for 2019 -  we have found over the last few years that it is difficult to sell out our first batch of chickens before processing our second batch.  Therefore as an incentive to help move the first batch, any chickens purchased before the end of August  will receive a 15 cent/lb discount ($4.95/lb).

Chickens may be ordered starting in May for that season. We do two batches of chickens. The first batch will be ready in August and the second one in mid to late September.

Whole Chickens  - $5.10/lb (Average 5-7lbs)

 Piecing - Whole chicken cut up and pieces bagged individually (boneless breasts, legs, wings and carcass.) - add $5.00 per chicken 

 Cut in half - Whole chicken cut in half and each side bagged individually -   add  $2 per chicken 

Chicken Pieces:

Boneless/Skinless Breasts $14.50/lb; Thighs or Drumsticks $7.25/lb; Wings $3.75/lb

Carcasses for making bone broth and soups $2/lb


Turkeys may be ordered starting in May for the coming season. Turkeys will be ready fresh for the Thanksgiving weekend and some will be available later in October. 

Whole Turkeys - $4.50/lb  (Turkeys average 17-22 lbs let us know your preference in size and we will do our best to match it with the weights we have.)

 Cut in half - Whole turkey cut in half and each side bagged individually - $4 per turkey