Speerville Food Buying Group


Speerville Flour Mill is a locally owned and operated business in Speerville, NB, not far from Woodstock. The mill buys its organic grains from Maritime Farmers and processes, packages and retails the products throughout Atlantic Canada. They also bring in a complement of other organic products and make them available to their customers. Speerville Flour Mill has some of its products available in many of the Maritime Grocery Stores but they carry a much wider selection of products and sizes that are available through their Food Buying Groups. To learn more about their products, please visit their website at http://www.speervilleflourmill.ca/ 

      We have been purchasing products from Speerville for over 10 years. First we purchased for our own use but then started carrying an inventory of products to sell at the Dieppe Farmers Market. Due to needing to reduce the physical area we use for inventory, we have decided to try offering the product through a Food Buying Group.

     The basics of the system is that after providing me with your e-mail and a request to be part of the Food Buying Group, I will send you a notice informing you of when I will be placing the next order. Decide the products you would like to order and e-mail me the list by the time specified. I will place the order and then arrange for pick up or delivery. We can bring the products to the Dieppe Dolma Store for pick up and payment or you can arrange to pick them up here at our farm.  The prices are, as listed on the Price List, only the non-food items will have tax added to them.  Please feel free to call or e-mail with further questions.

    Ordering takes place approximately every 2 months.