• Health for the Animals

    Our chickensand turkeys are free to roam, scratch and peck supporting their natural and inherent behaviours. They get plenty of sunshine and are able to supplement their feed with a variety of insects, grasses and roots. With being less stressed they are healthier and we believe happier too!

  • Health for the Environment

    Our chickens and turkeys are rotationally grazed, meaning they are moved to a new piece of pasture daily. This allows them to spread their manure evenly over the soil, providing a source of rich organic matter that benefits the soil. The pasture they are raised on does an excellent job of harvesting solar energy and holding onto topsoil and moisture year round.

  • Health for You and Me

    Like other meats, chicken and turkey are also rich in protein. Protein helps build, develop, and repair our muscles and tissues.

    It’s also rich in niacin or vitamin B3, pyridoxine or vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium, phosphorus and zinc. In addition, chicken and turkey also contain collagen which helps reduce joint pain and inflammation.

    As in all pastured raised meats, the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio is lower. This means lower chronic inflammation which can lead to certain conditions and diseases.

How We Raise Our Chickens and Turkeys

Our Meat King chickens  and White turkeys are raised in floorless hoop houses to protect them against predators. They are moved daily onto fresh grass, keeping them clean, and allowing them to forage and scratch. 

To provide a non-GMO and high-quality feed, we grow a large percentage of the grains our poultry requires, the grains we do not grow, we buy in from local organic sources. Our ration includes wheat, oats, barley, peas, corn and roasted soybeans.

Pastured Chicken and Turkey FAQ's

What does pastured raised chicken and turkey mean?

Pasture-raised chicken and turkey is the meat that comes from chickens and turkeys that are raised on pasture where they are able to forage and are not limited to confined quarters.

Is pastured raised chicken and turkey better?

Yes, we believe pastured chickens and turkeys produce better quality meat compared to conventional poultry.As well as being healthier, it is also great tasting!

Is your chicken and turkey organic?

Our pastured chickens and turkeys would meet organic standards but as we no longer are certified, we cannot label it as organic due to government regulations. Our poultry, nor their food, have been exposed to herbicides, pesticides, other chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics.

What do pasture raised chickens and turkeys eat?

Pasture-raised chickens and turkeys feed on grass, other plants, grubs, worms, bugs, and other small insects as well as supplemented with a balanced grain ration.