Ordering and Delivery


Each month (on the 2nd Saturday of the month) we deliver to the Dolma Store in Dieppe meeting our customers there from 9:30-11:30 am. Place an order as early in the month as you like but it is best to place the order no later than 1 week prior to the delivery date.

Orders may also be picked up at the farm by prior arrangement. If you are wishing to pick up at the farm, please make us aware of that when you order.

Orders may be made by e-mail or phone. 

Upcoming Delivery Dates

Second Saturday of each month:

Jan.11, 2020

Feb.8, 2020




Grass Fed Beef


Beef , tender and savoury, from 100% grass fed cattle. Learn more about the grass-fed difference and how are cattle are raised here.

Pastured Raised Pork


Pigs love to eat grass and are built to root. Enjoy the flavour of heritage breed pork raised in their natural environment.

Pastured Poultry


Chickens and turkeys, raised on pasture, in season only. (Frozen whole chickens and chicken pieces available while quantities last winter 2019).

Goats and Rabbits


Looking for a change in meat choices. Our sons, Jacob and Daniel, raise goats and rabbits.  

Surplus Sale


Wanting to save a little money. See what we have extra of and are reducing in price to clear out.

Speerville Food Buying Group


We like how Speerville Flour Mill supports our local farmers. Join with us in purchasing from them through our Speerville Food Buying Group.